Hell with the corona !! what about peoples mental health


corona pandemic is taking a big toll on the worlds economy and on the welfare of human being ; but in between this tragedy to the world ,peoples are becoming home quarantined in lock down and in self isolation.

why is it so much so that people are paying this big toll on their mental health.

According the studies it is proven to be right that peoples mental health is much bigger issue than it sens because actual sense of well being in humans to be from all the aspects also from the mental health.

According to the who
health is no just physical well-being
it also comprise of physical mental social well-being.

so and so mental health is great deal of concern when it domes to the health of individual

can you withstand the regular bombarding news of how pandemic is effecting the world??

well this has to be simple answer somewhere and some what this news create  impact on one's mind
and why note digital media makes it great deal of news and all the real ones and all the fraud ones .

fraud news can spread like wildfire in just seconds

and creates great deal of thinking and effect on someones mind.maybe pleasing maybe disastrous .

in this situations one should always take care of physical as well as mental health.

how to take care on mental health.


meditation is great way of putting your mind to ease. 

2.read books

read the books you always wanted to read and were postponed always cause of due to something somethings.

3.listen music

who doesn't love their favorite music and groove to it.do as and even discover new music.

4. watch your fav web series / anime / drama

this is the best time of doing it 
you won.t be having this chance again.

5.connect with your friends , do social media.

connect with your current friends and maybe old who are not in touch now, friends are precious

6. start or restore your hobby

get back to do things you loved doing when you were still student and used to give you so much happiness and relaxation .
share it with people and have great time doing your happy thing.

7. don't forget to study

well if you are geek/nerd plz continue your studied by some means , this actually brings the satisfaction of mind to some degree.

here are some ways that will bring peace to your mind

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