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Maharashtra Dar 1st may 2020

1st may of all years is celebrated as maharastra day in india and most of the maharastrian peoples.

Maharashtra Day 2020

What Is Maharashtra day ?

After the India become independent on 15 Aug 1947 ,most of the Indian lands were divided in kasbas and territories.
A great man also called 'lokhandi purush : sardar vallabhbhai patel' made it possible by his work to join all divided regions and becoming a great nation india.

before 1960 the two of the biggest state of India Gujarat & maharashtra were considered One state. on the day of 1st may 1960 , Maharashtra and Gujarat become Independent states on The map Of India.

And so The 1st of  the may 1960 was the day when New Maharashtra was born . 

So the maharajahs day is celebrated as birthday of great state  of maharashtra which eventually became the great state of legend Bala saheb thakrey (not being political just admiring the person) and many great people and The hub of bollywood mumbai.

Maharashtra Day 2020 is a Great Milestone in the journey Of Maharashtra because its the 60th birthday of maharashtra.

And this holds The great place in heart of Maharashtrian People.

On This Great Day Lets Wish All The maharashtrian people and beloved india brother and sister for prosperity of maharashtra and nation.

Jay Maharashtra.
Jay hind.

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