Jio Giving Free Gata Of 25 Data in Lockdown Due To Covid-19 ? Is It True ?

From lot of the days people are getting messages in their phone about jio and facebook giving 25 gb of data to all the jio consumers in the lockdown situation in India which is still going on...

Is it true ?

the answer is simple Its a Fake News !!!! And some of the People are taking advantage of the news of facebook taking 11% share holdings in Reliance jio. the fact being said Jio never has Relaid such news Officially anywhere not on press or paper.

The fake News Look something Like This ..

 so you can know for sure the tafgated url limks to an unknown source and unknow app

which on opening asks for permission to access your phones personal information like phone numbers messsages location storage permission write / erase your write disk ;which on given permission can exploit malware and ransom to your phone without you knowing and can be harmfull to you by making your personal information being liable to access by third party and fallen in to wrong hands and thats danger sign !!!!!

Quick tip Always make sure what you are touching before hand so you won.t get in trouble .

for example this app :- which is attempt to  lure people in trap of falling in downloading malicious apps which can harm your phones data.

This app in particular makes you download an app and gives A pop-ad before crashing .

there are lot many fraud apps out there who asks for permissions which actually they don't need ,we have to be caucious not to be fallen in such trap. 


Jio Giving Free Gata Of 25  Data in Lockdown Due To Covid-19 ? is a scam news and not to be believed in.

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