Happy Parshuram Jayanti 2020 - celebrate the birthday of 6th incarnation of lord vishnu

Happy Parshuram jayanti to all the readers

parshuram jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of 6th incarnation of lord vishnu

Happy Parshuram Jayanti - clebrate the birthday of 6th incarnation of lord vishnu

According to the hinduism parsuram was born in a Bramhin family on Shukla Paksh Tritiya in Vaishakh month

He is know for his Anger , Warfare ,valor 

well most of the Vishnu Avatar were brought and born in the world to eliminate the evil created by ASURs
but incarnation of parshuram was different ...
here is a story oin the satyug there were group called Kshtriya who are called for the protection of the nation and well being of maharaja and their heirs ,they are responsible for their bravery to save the nation from invading enemy s and are called protectors and ruller of the country.
between this time of satyug the so called kshtriya started using ther power and position to exploit their abuse of power and started meddling with normal peoples of nation .
it was for seen that the incarnation of vishnu will produce the equilibrium of power between people and Produce the Right of Normal Peoples.
he create the equilibrium by eliminating Kshtriya.

 in 2020 parshuram jayanti starts from 11:51am (25 April) to 1:22  Pm (26 April).

Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 26 April.

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